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Re: Gentle carburettor cleaning?

Thanks Ron.
I need to make it a quick gentle clean and don't want to dismantle the carb as I don't have a spare gasket kit at the moment.
AFAIK, these seals are disposable and not reusable.

Re: Gentle carburettor cleaning?

Well citric acid solution or vinegar can't be any more harmful than modern petrol, although I don't know what good it will do. Maybe better to use a small ultra sonic bath?

Apart from a couple of fiber washers for the banjo fitting, there is only one gasket/washer required No 25. Ron


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Re: Gentle carburettor cleaning?

Hi Antuan
I think that vinegar or citric acid or any other acid will ruin your carburettor completely. Zinc dissolves in acid very easily. I use citric acid to take off old zinc plating and rust. Works very well. And I dissolve zinc in vinegar to make electroplating solution.

Re: Gentle carburettor cleaning?

Assuming you are talking about an AMAL 276 as fitted to a BSA M20, I have rebuilt them many times and reused the gaskets. There are no actual gaskets, just fiber washers.

Any type of acid is gonna do bad things to the carb.

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