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M20 Cylinder Overhaul

Hello everyone,

after my piston jammed, I'm currently planning the repair procedure.
The "problem" is that the cylinder liner is worn out.
The 83.5mm piston would have too much play after honing.
The rest of the cylinder is in good condition.

Now there are a few ways to proceed and I would like to hear your advice.
The following comes to mind:
- Replace the barrel liner (not available in Germany, would have to be made)
- Buy a replacement cylinder with a good base
- Larger piston (+80 piston doesn't exist in my opinion, right?)

Best regards,

Re: M20 Cylinder Overhaul

A liner is easy in Germany.

As are all the other parts you'll require.


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Re: M20 Cylinder Overhaul

I'm not aware of any +.080" pistons for the M20...If your barrel is good other than the liner I'd say a new liner and piston is the way to go..(bearing in mind that if you do buy another barrel you may have to do seats and valve guides as well)....Ian

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Re: M20 Cylinder Overhaul

Fortunately, I have found someone else in Germany who has a liner in stock. I was really lucky!
The cylinder is still very good, I will replace the liner and put in a new piston.

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