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Clutch problems after accident

I was run off the road by a 4wd driver off the road into the swale or ditch.
I'm ok and the driver has been charged with dangerous driving.
I burnt the clutch out getting the bike out the ditch.
The primary case was over filled with oil and there was about 25ml of oil inside the clutch cover too.
I believe I cooked the clutch getting the bike out, it started slipping after i got it out.
I have taken the clutch apart and de glazed both the steel plates and fiber washers and also cleaned the whole thing with brake cleaner.
Do I have to replace the fiber washers? I believe the design will always allow some oil in but is what I have done a suitable repair?

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Re: Clutch problems after accident

I'm assuming you're talking about a wm20, yes?

There shouldn't be any oil at all inside the inner dome clutch cover, or your clutch will slip. Clean it out and re-assemble. If the fiber plates look burned you may have to replace them.


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