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Frank Brown (Pegasus ww2) Reproduction Pannier Bag Review

Hello All,

There are a few things I wish to comment on, that are independent of each other in this review.
1. Frank is solid. His time estimations for making these pannier bags is spot on. Sure, it took 3-4 weeks for him to fabricate these from scratch. Anything good takes time to make. He ships the method asked (Fedex was requested) since Covid19 is slowing down post in Canada substantially. I got my pannier bags in 3 days with fedex thanks to his flexibility in shipping. Pricing is very fair, and he uses Paypal to transfer the funds which is also good too.
2. The bag construction is excellent. Brass fittings, rivets are used, and the canvas and stitching is well done. No loose frayed corners and such. He uses realy leather for the corner tabs, and steel frames in those same corners. They are very solidly built. Color matching is also important, and his tan bags match my tan bike perfectly. It is clear he will not ship a substandard product.
3. Pricing is quite fair, considering the manufacturing time, dedication (and time) to ensure attention to detail. These are not cheap import products, and are only marginally more expensive, but are of significantly better quality for the price.
4. Shipping, he does not gouge on shipping, which is nice. They came well sealed in bubble wrap and plastic wrap. Further he used the shipping company I requested, which was nice.
5. Location: He ships out of Manchester, which means he is able to access a myriad of shipping options, but also his availability to access necessary parts.

I cannot recommend him enough. Check him out at He is also a member on this forum.

- Brad F

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Re: Frank Brown (Pegasus ww2) Reproduction Pannier Bag Review

Frank is 'one of us' and sound as a pound...We're lucky in this branch of the hobby to have a number of specialists who do things because they like to see things done right.

Re: Frank Brown (Pegasus ww2) Reproduction Pannier Bag Review

Well said ,frank is a master

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Re: Frank Brown (Pegasus ww2) Reproduction Pannier Bag Review

I've recommended Frank on numerous occasions, so very pleased to here from another satisfied customer. Ron

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