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DU142 headlight queries

Hi all,

A couple of headlight questions, before I assemble it.

Is there any seal or other cushioning between the glass and the headlight rim? I can't see anything on various exploded diagrams, but these things aren't always clear.

Also, should the glass be fully 'frosted'? I have an original King of the Road glass, which has a clear centre circle, and a similar repro with a Lucas logo in the centre. I assume both are civvy spec? The bike is an early 1940 WM21, if that makes any difference...

As ever, any help is appreciated.



Re: DU142 headlight queries

Originally there was a cork strip as a seal between the headlamp rim and the glass. The WD bikes had a fully frosted glass with a Lucas Defusa logo in the middle. Ron


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Re: DU142 headlight queries

Thanks Ron; that's really helpful.

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