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James ML - I have lost a part

Hi All.

So as my James project gets underway I have over the many years this bike has been in storage lost what’s described in the parts book as “sleeve, fork ball head clip pin” part no. ML652.

There are two of these, they are an internal part which fits into the RH & LH side of the “fork ball head” bolt hole, the “fork ball head” fits on top of the fork stem and the head clips pins help clamp the ball head onto the stem, once the bolt is tight.

I seam to have lost one of these clip pin.....😬

I hope this all makes sense.....

If anyone could point me into the right direction I would be most grateful.

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Re: James ML - I have lost a part

Steve ML652 are the short steel bushes with a 3/8"? clearance hole through and a chamfer on one end. I would say, very simple to make one by copying the one you have with a suitable piece of rod/old bolt to match the diameter of the other one. Drill a hole through it and file a chamfer to match. It need only be of milt steel. Ron

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Re: James ML - I have lost a part

That’s the one Ron!

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I think it’s time I get my metal work tools out!

I knew it was a long shot trying to find one of these items.

All the best!

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