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Spurious replies to 'wanted ads'

Hi All. It seems that the lowlives of the Internet world have targeted this forum to promote sales and services. They seem to seek out older wanted ads and add a response. My request for OE style grease nipples has just brought an offer of cannabis. Its seeming now that every response needs checking.

Re: Spurious replies to 'wanted ads'

I see we are now "https" that should have helped Pete.
The trouble is, some people struggle with passwords and quizzes.
Your responses could have been worse considering you are looking for greasy nipples!

Mark ;)

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Re: Spurious replies to 'wanted ads'

Hi Mark. That's very true! and yes, a Google search does bring up a varid selection of results!!!!
You admins must have a never ending battle and we can all thank you for your efforts.

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