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Wdm20 parts

My wdm20 need some parts to complete it.
The list:
To complete my wdm20,I need some parts.
The list:
68-3229 clutch push rod
66-64767 rear stand string
529 397 front wheel seedo drive housing
66-9112 speedometer cable
66-9114 speedometer bracket
6205-90 pillion seat
66-9182 seat cover
65-3161 clutch arm rubber cover
65-8314 rubber knee pads grips
66-8744 front brake cable
29-8744 knee pads bracket
Batter bracket,only the strap with nuts

If you have some parts for sale on this,please send me a mail.
I'm french .... sorry for my bad english

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Re: Wdm20 parts

i have a pillion seat ( restored ) and a pair of new knee pads
are you interested please Email;
i am in Germany

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