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BSA Service Manual 101/BC2A

Hi All. Where is the best/easiest place to obtain a copy of the BSA Service Manual 101/BC2A?
Many Thanks, Pete

Re: BSA Service Manual 101/BC2A

Rob Van Meel makes reprints' See below. website

I do two manuals: one reduced to A5 size and one in original size:
1383 WD 43BS7 BSA WM20 maintenance manual; 100/BC2A (45 p.) A4 format 14
1408 WD 40BS3 BSA WM20 maintenance manual; 100/BC2C (44 p.) 6,72
For one reason or another I have these down to 100/BC2 etc, whilst the real Chilwell/REME numbering for a manual should be 101 prefixed.


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Re: BSA Service Manual 101/BC2A

Indeed Ron. 100 should be the Driver's Handbook and 101 the Maintenance Manual, in later-war parlance. These were books that superseded earlier publications though and all the manufacturers prior to this seem to have differed on what they included in the Driver's book and the workshop publication.

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