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Ariel WNG parts for sale

Hi all, I am selling a few Ariel WNG parts that I no longer need.
I post 1 picture of each item, for more pictures contact me on info@w*tbl*st-dot-nl
put 'e' and 'a' on the stars!
I am in the Netherlands and I would prefer you come and look as to prevent any misunderstanding/misconception about the condition of these parts.
Maybe, for those who are patient, something can be arranged on how to get parts over to the UK .

Important note : you can bid from these prices. no dealing & wheeling or lower offers for 'package deals'

It took me years to collect all these parts, (No, you dont have to feel sorry for me) but as can be guessed I am very patient.

Smiths WD with speedo cable for WNG girder, right hand side angle gearbox (I believe NOS) and the gear set inside the hub.
The speedo still has it's WD seal, I assume it has never been opened. 650,- eu
Steel primairy chaincase, 380,- eu.
Lucas DU42 headlamp with Off-T-L-H switch, CZ27 amp.meter,original flat difusa glass, original bulb holder. 600,- eu.
rear carrier, I think from a 1944 model. 120,- eu.
Lower toolbox with document pouch.110,-eu.
Upper 'hinged' toolbox with a lot of work, actually a BSA item. needs sheet work and welding. 80,- eu.
WNG or early postwar NG 6" front wheel hub with 3 brakeplates, 1 set shoes, you can make 1 usable out of those. 200,- eu.
Vokes filter, missing tank clips and badge. with one of those fabulous 'Lex' elbow's 575,- eu.
And finally, also for sale a 1944 'matching numbers'(with dating letter from the AOMCC) frame with crankcase. the bare bones! with engine plates but no gearbox.600,- eu.

as written, for all parts it is very advisable to come and look.


Re: Ariel WNG parts for sale

Vokes now sold

Re: Ariel WNG parts for sale

Frame + crankcase and steel cases now sold

Re: Ariel WNG parts for sale

WNG front wheel hub also sold now

Re: Ariel WNG parts for sale

lower toolbox now sold

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