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Early BSA rear wheel spindle

Hi All. Although not strictly a WD only item, I'm hoping that someone on this forum will be able to help me out.
I'm looking for a rear wheel spindle, both parts, for my 1937 M series bike. This set-up was used on the earlier models including Blue and Empire Star models with QD rear wheels as well as all the early 'M' series models. It differs from the later arrangement by being inserted from the right side of the bike and is screwed into the hub spigot/ drum support shaft. The later (1938 onwards?)longer spindle with 2 tags under the hexagon head is fitted from the left side and goes right through to the opposite side. I think the part numbers of the ones I need are 15-7053 and 15-7083. If anyone can assist, please let me know. Fingers crossed. Regards, Pete.

Re: Early BSA rear wheel spindle

If you can't find someone with spares they will part with Pete,
If you can borrow some I can copy them.


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Re: Early BSA rear wheel spindle

Thanks Mark. I had considered contacting you ref this. Just need to find one, perhaps from an ongoing restoration project. Any offers?
Cheers, Pete

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