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Your Top Five Sexiest Artists

What are they? Whether you're into guys or girls, this could be fun. Here's mine:

1. Deborah Harry
2. Liz Phair
3. Leslie Feist
4. Kate Bush
5. Chan Marshall

Re: Your Top Five Sexiest Artists

Well, my sexuality is going to be apparent from my list.

1. Britney Spears, c. 1999-2001
2. Whitney Houston, up until the "crack is whack" comment
3. Mandy Moore
4. Janet Jackson, from "Rhythm Nation 1814" on
5. Beyoncé

As a side-note, I always thought D'Angelo's video for "Untitled" was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen, and I am completely secure in my sexuality in saying that!

Re: Your Top Five Sexiest Artists

well, considering that putting lists together might be humanity's biggest effort in art so far, I'd say I start with
Honorio Barranco, Greg Maurer, Ian Renner, Nicolas Lejeune, Adam Kispert, Henrik Franzon, Harold Wexler, Petri Peltonen, Antonio Cesar Mendes Santiago, Samiam Jr, Alex Dobyan, Mitchell Stirling et ceterand I seriously have no clue where to stop this at all... how about a top 100 then..

thereforrre: bow down before missus mighty bootlicker, who's still constantly waiting for a second geekette in here,


Re: Your Top Five Sexiest Artists

Coincidentally, I'm taking my dad to see Blondie & Pat Benatar next month. No list here though, it would just be a retread of today's superstars (Beyonce, Rihanna, etc.)

But one glaring omission so far: Stevie Nicks/Christine McVie

Re: Your Top Five Sexiest Artists

Liz Phair wins this one for me easy. She encapsulates lust as art perfectly. It's easy to look at her and forget that her early music is actually emotionally complex.

Re: Your Top Five Sexiest Artists

5. Aimee Mann
4. Alison Goldfrapp
3. Chan Marshall
2. Kurt Heasley (Lilys)
1. Courtney Taylor/Miki Berenyi(Lush)

Re: Your Top Five Sexiest Artists

4. Alison Goldfrapp

Oh God! How could I have forgotten Alison? I need to re-order my list!