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What does everyone think of this album? Personally I think that the album is great, and truly a wonderful comedy album. Even if you haven't heard the album in whole, you've must have heard some of the songs off of it. So I doubt many people on the AMF are going to feel the same way about it as I do, you may call me an immature teenager, but I think the album's a classic. Not necessarily a comedy masterpiece, but in 20 years time it'll be remembered quite fondly.
Anyways, I'm sure that most of you disagree with me- so I'm open to all your opinions.

BTW what do you think the chances are of the album or songs off the album appearing on EOY lists? I'm just saying, it'd be pretty weird to see a song like "Jizz in My Pants" on the top 3000 songs.

Re: Incredibad

Honestly? I'm pretty sick of many of the songs from the album. They might be funny the first few times, but I have friends that seem to love to play "I'm on a Boat" constantly. And that gets pretty grating on the ears.

Re: Incredibad

It's often a problem for comedy music not to remain interesting after repeated play.
However I feel that the strongest songs in Incredibad can survive the test of time, just because they are musically pretty good, Jizz in my Pants would be about any other topic it might be considered as one of the best R'n'B song of the year and I love the sample of Natalie's rap !

I also really love some songs by the Flight of the Conchords, but only live or in the show, the albums version seems overproduced and much less spontaneous.
But live shows of The Humans Are Dead, Business Time or Think about it are damn hilarious !

Re: Incredibad

Are there any novelty songs or albums on AM 3000?

No Weird Al, so probably not.

Re: Incredibad

I love Incredibad, but I don't think Acclaimed Music is it's proper home.

Incredibad was the soundtrack for more than one of the house parties I went to this year. Whenever Jizz In My Pants would come on, the whole room would explode into a medley of poor singing and even worse dancing.

Re: Incredibad

Tenacious D is on the AM 3000 I believe.

Re: Incredibad

I think the songs on Incredibad work fantastically as shorts during a comedy variety show. In fact, them and political parodies are almost the only thing worth watching about SNL. But listening to them all in a row is tough.

Re: Incredibad

i doubt incredibad will stand the test of time. some of the songs are funny, "jizz in my pants" is really getting on my nerves but i used to think it was funny. "i'm on a boat" is still not annoying yet but i'm sure it will. stuff like "like a boss" though never appealed to me, it just gets a little too ridiculous after a while. and none of those songs, i think, will ever touch "dick in a box." that was before anybody ever expected it.

i remember a few years back i watched these three guys on the internet of a pilot that they had called "awesome town" and i couldn't believe they never got picked up. it seems now they've finally caught on.

this video can be unfunny at times but it definitely has it's moments. just get past the jack black intro and then you'll see.

Re: Incredibad

I like the album, but no, nothing on it is going to stand the test of time. They're novelty songs.