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the stooges s/t

what's everyone's opinion of this album? i bought a copy the other day and i was a little disappointed. my expectations were high because i really liked fun house (i haven't heard raw power yet). s/t doesn't sound like a top 200 album to me, which doesn't mean i think it's bad... just not top 200. i'll give it another listen in a few days i think, what what does everyone else think?

i also picked up sticky fingers, this year's model, and stand!. stand! is slowly growing on me, but the other two i loved from the very start. i can't wait to get some more rolling stones albums. the only other one that i own is exile. seeing other albums of theirs ranked similarly to those two gets me excited.

Re: the stooges s/t

i'm w/ you on this. love fun house and raw power, but don't really like the s/t at all.

Re: the stooges s/t

Their s/t is pretty good. Just nowhere as good as Fun House or Raw Power, both of which are incredible. Maybe most of the criticism comes from because those two other albums are so good, it makes their s/t look worse by comparison.

BTW, if you liked Sticky Fingers, give Let it Bleed and Beggars Banquet a listen. You seriously won't be disappointed.