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Certain Compilation Albums

I know that this has been discussed before, but I forget why two compilations in particular, "Hatful of Hollow" and "13 Songs" are included on AM. For "Hatful of Hollow" in particular, I have no idea why that would be included and not "Louder Than Bombs."

Re: Certain Compilation Albums

Technically, HATFUL OF HOLLOW -is- a compilation, but I don't think any of its tracks had ever appeared on an album before; the songs repeated from the debut are re-recordings from radio sessions, and I believe "How Soon is Now" only appeared on MEAT IS MURDER in the U.S. Therefore, it's eligible, however tenuously. (As for why it's here and not LOUDER THAN BOMBS, it might be that HATFUL has simply appeared on more lists.)

13 SONGS and the Beta Band's THREE E.P.'S are, obviously, collections of EPs, but the same argument would apply, I think - none of the songs had appeared on an actual album before. I've got another one, which a lot of people might not be aware of: KALEIDOSCOPE WORLD by the Chills, which collects all of the New Zealand band's singles and EPs up to that point, recorded not only over a period of years but with a constantly shifting lineup as well. The songs are all of a piece as far as tone is concerned, but the album probably feels less like an "album" than almost anything else on the top 3000.