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The Strokes

Anybody think these guys have another masterpiece in them? They're still pretty young.

Re: The Strokes

I doubt it. Even Is This It, in my opinion, hasn't aged very well. It sounded like a breath of fresh air when it first came out, but then it sort of blended in with it's followers.

Besides, that album thrived on energy, with only moderate talent. Everything they've put out since has seemed pretty fatigued, and I'm not sure they're inspired enough to make another album that sounds new and different.

Re: The Strokes

I've liked all 3 albums, and my favorite is Room on Fire. I definitely am looking forward to their next release.

Re: The Strokes

To me, "Is This It" just wasn't consistent. There were the five songs that knocked you on your ass--and the rest were sort of a prelude to things to come. But man were those five songs good. Hey netjade, if you're reading this, can you take what I just wrote and make it cooler--netjadian?

Re: The Strokes

I sure hope so. I think the AM list looks at how their career turned out pretty well: 1 classic album with half a dozen great songs, the next album a step down with 2 great songs, and a filler album with two mediocre singles.

I heard they are going into the studio in a couple months to record another album, I hope it comes out great after a layoff.

Re: The Strokes

BillAdama hit the nail on the head. I don't think The Strokes are exactly inspired musicians the same way that Radiohead or Jack White is. I still believe in Is This It as a T100 record, but it wont be topping my decade list.