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Passion Pit - "Manners"

Passion Pit - Manners

Anyone heard this album yet? I went shopping for some rekkids today; heard "Let Your Love Grow Tall" in the store and was immediately hooked. To my ears, sounds a lot like MGMT, especially "Little Secrets" (think: Kanye producing "Electric Feel"). "Moth's Wings" has a big epic sound; sort of Arcade Fire-ish. This sounds like a great summer record.

AllMusic: 4 stars
Pitchfork: 8.1

Moonbeam: I think you'd be all over this. Anyone else with a soft spot for indie electro-pop should definitely give this album its due.

(Oh, read the allmusic review. It sounds exactly how they describe it: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:gxftxzu0ldje.)

Re: Passion Pit - "Manners"

this is pretty cool, thanks!

Re: Passion Pit - "Manners"

I have this album and am just starting to get into it! It's quite nice- perhaps a little too twee for me, but it's definitely a solid album, and I feel that it deserves its acclaim. Top 10 album of the year for me so far? Definitely.

Re: Passion Pit - "Manners"

bump b/c "sleepy head" is amazing.

i'm gonna go buy the cd