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breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

Nov 17, 2007, Bracketology: Sweet Little 16


Q: No songs that I really care about

1. "Johnny B. Goode"- Good enough to be out in space.
2. "Sympathy for the Devil"- I can handle this.
3. "Like a Rolling Stone"- Not my thing.
4. "Stairway to Heaven"- Bloated and pompous.

R: 3 songs I like

1. "God Only Knows"- I'm a sucker for love.
2. "One"- Not their best, but still very effective.
3. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"- This would have easily won bracket Q.
4. "A Day in the Life"- Eat your heart out, Anthony!

S: 2 songs I like

1. "Heroes"- Simply euphoric.
2. "London Calling"- Again, would have easily won bracket Q.
3. "Common People"- Meh.
4. "Gimme Shelter"- Even bigger meh.

T: 2 songs I like

1. "Billie Jean"- My pick to win it all at this point.
2. "What's Going On"- Set the stage for my favorite album of the 70s, Songs in the Key of Life.
3. "Good Vibrations"- I dislike this one.
4. "Won't Get Fooled Again"- I detest this one.


Wow, your comments are pathetic.
You should consider sticking to your Prince fansites, because it doesn't look like your much of a fan of acclaimed music.

Harold Wexler

Hey, Anthony, that was kind of rude and uncalled for. It would be one thing if this was some newcomer who had never posted before (although, even then your comments would be a little over the top), but Moonbeam has been a constant presence here for a long time and deserves a little more slack. If his comments are minimal, part of that is probably because he wanted to get his votes in before the deadline.


Maybe so, Harold. But here we are, approaching the end of a round that determines the final four of this tournament (that incidentally, we’ve been at for the past five months), and I just thought that a little more respect was warranted. After all, isn’t this the time when the comments really matter?
But no, all we get is “meh”. I’m certainly not the king of comments, but I try damn hard to write something insightful. And I haven’t been on this site for as long as you have, but there’s a lot of newcomers who don’t know Moonbeams hallowed AM history either, and I’m sure they are seeing the same that I am.


Your comments were well beyond ‘kind of rude’ Anthony – they were antagonistic, disrespectful, unwarranted and absolutely reeked of jerkiness as far as I’m concerned. Feel free to say whatever you like, of course – it’s not that serious, just a music message board - but being so needlessly pissy, regardless of your rationale, doesn’t reflect well on anyone as far as I’m concerned.
Anybody who’s read Moonbeam’s reviews at Rateyourmusic wouldn’t deny his eloquence. I’ll happily attest to the fact that he’s one of the few people I’ve met (if only electronically) in my life who I could describe as a genius without wanting to vomit in disgust. He deserves far better than such shabby treatment.

Fuck you.
I think I'm done with this place for a while anyway.

in memory of ole tin...nj

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

This brings back memories, for sure! My unorthodox taste and curt responses got me into trouble, again! I think we've grown since then (thankfully!), but I do miss damosuzuki here. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Anthony around here lately, either.

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

i laughed the first time and i laughed again then. good times, although i can't say i miss him.

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

yeah, I miss damosuzuki too

He was the only one to quote Gavin Bryar's "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet"

Some more, nj ? (jonmarck, sinder velvin ?)

Although nothing beats that "fuck you"

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

Anthony wasn't a bad guy, he could be cool and funny sometimes but he had his moments when he couldn't control himself.

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

yeah, I miss damosuzuki too

He was the only one to quote Gavin Bryar's "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet"

Some more, nj ? (jonmarck, sinder velvin ?)

Although nothing beats that "fuck you"

How about Deranged Beatles Fan (the guy who was singlehandedly responsible for several locked threads, a couple of which weren't even ABOUT the Fab Four when they started)?

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

Anthony wasn't a bad guy, he could be cool and funny sometimes but he had his moments when he couldn't control himself.

To quote Smokey, I second that emotion...

Its funny, because Anthony and Moonbeam are the two posters who stand out in my mind where I really enjoyed reading their comments even when I totally disagreed what they had to say.

I do miss Anthony's contributions (if not the short temper). I even got some amusement trying to talk him down from the ledge when he threatened to blow up the unveiling of the albums poll because posters were speculating about the placement of Beatles albums.

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

Anthony still pops up from time to time, but I do miss his regular presence here (if you’re reading this, A., I was just in your general area, up in Vancouver, one of my favorite cities). He gets cranky now and then, but only because he cares. Plus he turned me on to Neutral Milk Hotel.

I probably shouldn’t say too much about jonmarck, since I lit the fuse for his final blow-up. He was often abrasive and dismissive, but he knew his stuff and could (usually) engage in real dialogue.

Don’t know what happened to Sinder Velvin…maybe he just lost interest. It was nice to have another young whippersnapper on the forum to balance out the old farts like me.

I don’t remember damosuzuki that well—my main interaction with him was on the bracketology threads—but he always had something interesting.

Deranged Beatles Fan is still around, most recently on the Pet Sounds thread. I think he’s posted under a variety of names. His style is easily recognizable—just look for the guy who does nothing but quote an unnamed and unattributed source on the Beatles (Revolution in the Head?) despite the fact that he clearly doesn’t understand much of what he’s typing.

Let us not forget Peter Evans, aka peteevo, who has always stood ready to come to the defense of Steely Dan…

There is only one ex-poster I do not miss at all. But I’m too much of a gentleman to mention him by his username or by one of his many aliases.

Misty water-colored memories…

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

I started posting right just like a month before all this went down I think so I didn't know Damo too well. A lot of people have lowered their posting in the past 6 months but it does seem to be a lot better than it was just a few months ago when it was dead in here.

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

I don't see how what Anthony said was any worse than rude and inappropriate. I wouldn't say "uncalled for" because he was clearly called out by the A Day in the Life comment, he just overreacted with a personal attack.

The worse reaction is came Damosuzuki, although I dont really know very much about him. It's one thing to get angry at someone because they disrespected someone you like, but it's no reason to leave the site.

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...


Some more, nj ? (..., sinder velvin ?)

hahaha, thanks a lot, viagra nic, for bringing up my nearly forgotten nightmares, but here they go:

NETJADEIAN CORRUPTION?/Chapter 1/Jul 8, 2008


Analyzing my recent posts, I've noticed that, lately, I've been trying to filter netjadeian valences through my own sensibilities so as to create a new kind of masked, absurd, contrarian humor, hilarious in parts at the risk of being unfunny, this post itself a fine example.

Has this ever happened to you?


it was much too obvious... or/and over.the.top:: Single White Femalesque..


netjade is an inimitable and very welcome presence in this forum, as are you, mismaiome!

--- end of the thread ---

....BUT then "thankfully" we got another one..



To not derail too much the thread of our friends who always vote for the same things, go ahead. Offer any sensible challenge you like. Post a post of yours you'd wish me to translate word-by-word, for starters. The most challenging, nerve-wracking one. Go on, just for kicks. If you're beyond my ken, I'll submit to your vastly superior twice-my-age-and-a-little-bit-more-too intellect. If not, perhaps you'll consider foregoing the assertion of your superiority over me, maybe slap the desire around a little bit, and offer any other challenges you like.

Don't dismiss me just because of that gut feeling you have; I'm sick up to here of those.

So go ahead. Post something so full of pop culture references and made-up words that it's sadistic. Try me.


God! Please!


I can't stand the fundamentals of human interaction. Assertion/deference and observance of false steps are a mind-numbing waste.

netjade, show me you're intellectual enough to give me a chance, instead of liking me a little bit at first insofar as you would feel ashamed afterwards that I felt you were more fun than others here.

Or I suppose operate by the same silly backwater principles as most. As worthy of faux pas to me as I am to you.

And, we both like Bessie and Mamie (do you like Ma Rainey too?). C'mon. Be my brick wall that has a tiny chance to turn into a kindred spirit.


And realize perhaps I'm not without hope limited to the reflexive mediocrity you ascribe to me; not if I can help it.


Also, no. I don't watch porn. You assumed wrong; I suppose you were being serious about it; you stereotype me too much.


Since you're offering translation and seem to be very bored, how about this topic? I didn't follow any of that.

Harold Wexler

The only thing I was able to decipher in that thread was a single post comprised of references to the relationship of the robot couple in WALL-E. Other than that, I'm at as much of a loss as ... everyone in the world, I would guess.


Absolutely, Sir Stephan, I'll translate; give me a bit of time, and I'll post all the posts of there in here.


Yeah, I got some of that as well, but I haven't seen the film yet, which is probably not exactly helpful. Looking forward to seeing it in 1-2 weeks though.


Remember, though, this is like translating Goethe: sometimes you don't figure out exactly what he's saying. I suppose it was a risk I had to take.

Plain English then.

Netjade's Post #1:

Is there anyone alike you in musical tastes here to the extent that you'd let them listen to your collection of records?

With so much discussion having been undergone on these forums, in the form of many opinions, recommendations, and detailed polls, including songs, singles and albums, from the very beginning of Acclaimed Music, have you ever thought of someone here that would enjoy your own little "mess" of music that you deem to be good?
As for me, for that, I'd like to single out old visitors such as Snusmumrik, Dumbangel, Moonbeam, Tremolo, Damosuzuki, Sonofsamiam, Pomtidom, Mitchell Stirling and Harold Wexler; and so, through my liking of them, I keep my faith in the most interesting and enduring part of human relationships, namely the fact that you can meet people that you can share your experiences with - but what about newer visitors like the inquisitive Moeboid and the highly eager (so much that you could say he is alike steam, always active) Schleuse?

So vote for whom you would choose.

Netjade's Post #2:

I forgot to single out Honorio, our Spanish pop fan.

Netjade's Post #3:

I suppose I'm reviving an old thread like Greg Rumpff does...

By the way, I'd like to add Stammer to my list.

(And, apart from that, I'm keeping touch of what is going on here by letting you know that I love to watch and notice every single bit of information and opinion, any contribution posted here in fact, even if it sometimes take me a little while to catch up, and even if sometimes I have to disagree completely with what I happen to read. (you know what I mean, Dumbangel)

Anyway, to paraphrase our familiar pleasant presence on this forum, Stephan: keep keeping track of music, strangers that I get along with well. Here I go now.

Netjade's Post #4:

Thank you for your compliments, Moonbeam and Snusmumrik. If I were to rank each person here for the threads they have made, you would be at the top, and significantly above others. Your individuality, in the music that you listen to and choose, has always inspired me.

Others that have inspired me, who almost reach your level, are Georgie, Maurer and his movie lists, and Nicolas so long as we are discussing his tastes prior to 1978 (because we diverge a bit after that year).

And that slightly mysterious poster that amuses me a bit, Mismaiome. (I see you change your name a lot, and that you imitate me a bit. Here is a name suggestion for you: Miss Bessindavelviofish, as it is a combination of various names that you seem to have used.)

Netjade's Post #5:

By the way, Schleuse. Earlier you joked about my usage of the word "steamy", and said you should keep your wife away from this forum because I have called you so. Hehe, I actually meant it in a tame sense; "steamy" as in Mad Professor-like steamy.

My Posts, #1:

I feel a bit uncomfortable for not having posted much or paid much attention to what was written in these forums a while ago; a bit uncomfortable for being, as such, a stranger to these parts, or perceived as such by those that have posted longer. Also, updating this thread with your new observations must feel a bit odd. Changing the past is the worst!

Netjade's Post #6:

If only it wouldn't feel so somewhat forced.

My Posts, #2:

Also, when you suggested which name I should use, you incorporated a bit of name from someone who wasn't me.

I'll resume in a little bit.


um, please don't trouble yourself

...so who's Mark David Chapman anyway? nj

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...


oh, chuck

also, you forgot the part where he told me to "go play with myself"

how did he know i like to do that???!! psychic creep...

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

I, too, am jealous of netjade's deft wordplay. Smart enough not to try to run with her though. I would like to have dinner with her, but probably would just be shy and listen.

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

and it's not even her native tongue!

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

Sometimes when I read what I've written, I'm sad to admit that it is mine.

Re: breaking news: AMF'S first war memorial EVER...

whoa... nj's reading "100 ways to overcome an überblush" now