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The Iron Maiden topic

Hey everyone, I thought I would create a topic about one of my all time favorite bands Iron Maiden. This topic is for anything Maiden related. Talk about your favorite albums, songs, or other stuff about the band. I discovered maiden in 2004-05 when I was still in high school and have been a big fan ever since. pretty much everything they did from 1980 to 1988 is amazing. My top albums would probably Powerslave, Somewhere in Time, and Seventh Son of A Seventh Son. Anyone else into these guys?

Re: The Iron Maiden topic

Let's be honest, the Dave Matthews Band is much better than Iron Maiden.

Re: The Iron Maiden topic

Actually it is very interesting that you brought DMB up in this discussion. I am not a huge DMB fan, but have heard a couple of cuts of their latest disc and found them to be quite enjoyable.

I think that it is possible that Maiden and DMB have more in common then you might think. For example both bands are known not only for their shorter radio friendly tracks, but also for their longer tracks. Both bands have a hardcore fan base and are known for their unique styles. DMB combines Jazz and rock elements nicely, while maiden experimented with synthesizers in the late 80s and added many progressive elements. I bet you didn't know that Maidens thirteenth album Dance of Death included their very first all acoustic song. Very cool to see a band pushing their musical boundaries this late in their career.

With these shared elements I could see one even arguing that DMB's mainstream and critical success in modern times, matches that of Maiden's in the 80s. Is DMB the Iron Maiden of our era? It is quite a bold statement indeed! I think it is better left to the music experts on this board to discuss it.

Re: The Iron Maiden topic

I'm no expert, but Iron Maiden = while DMB = !

I had the utter misfortune of attending a DMB concert a few years ago. Never have I been in such a rhythmless, psuedo-intellectual morass before, and I never hope to be again!

Re: The Iron Maiden topic

Lone Gunman, what an interesting and unexpected response! I am also an Iron Maiden fan, but they haven't got much love elsewhere in the forum (although nicolas you are not forgotten) so I didn't have much hope for this thread.

I don't know much about DMB. Something tells me that if I tried I wouldn't reach much higher than to Moonbeam levels...

Re: The Iron Maiden topic

Sorry, didn't mean to get this thread off-topic. I know the lone gunman in r/l, and it's kind of an inside joke between the two of us. This thread can go back to Iron Maiden territory now.