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American Idol- Season 8 Winner

So, Kris Allen won. I have no issue with it, as he's a talented guy. But there probably were other factors at play- I blogged about it at www.entertainmentdissected.today.com.

Share your thoughts, if you kept up on the whole Karaoke Idol season.

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

I think you said everything in the blog but Adam is better off now that he gets to front a band instead of making a lame Idol record. His record still might be lame but at least we get to see what he can really do. We know what Kris Allen can do- be like a million other folk/pop singers out there and it won't shock me when his record doesn't sell just like almost every other winner. It'll be a predictable, cookie-cutter album. Pre-teens might eat it up but to make a mega-hit record these days you need more than that- you need hype that extends to a bigger audience. I don't doubt that his album will be a hit but no way does it become huge.

It'll be interesting to see what Adam chooses to do. The guy has amazing vocals but he got a little boring at the end trying to wow the audience with the same note. If he can reign that in a little bit he could make a really great album but obviously I'm not betting on a great album from an Idol alum. The best they've done are a couple of better than average albums from Kelly Clarkson so it's tough to expect much.

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

Adam should have no trouble faring well, that is true. I agree that his vovals were starting to get samey on the uptempo songs.

Album sales have been on the decline, so Kris likely won't sell as much as past winners. But, hopefully he can outsell Taylor Hicks. :)

The biggest-selling Idol winner debut album remains Carrie Underwood's (6.5m+- by far. After that, it's Kelly Clarkson's (2.9m- of course she outsold that big time with her second release, Breakaway). Biggest sales by a non-winner is, of course, Daughtry- though he's a little too slick/mainstream for me, kinda like Nickelback. Didn't he say those guys were heroes of his?

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

Why is it that Kelly and Carrie are far and away the biggest successes from American Idol when the others have hardly done anything. What makes them more successful?

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

Why is it that Kelly and Carrie are far and away the biggest successes from American Idol when the others have hardly done anything. What makes them more successful?

They're the only ones who hired good songwriters.

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

American Idol is a fucking joke. It's a popularity contest masquerading as glorified karaoke, masquerading as a show about talent and artistry.

Let us not forget that these people, contrary to what the judges might tell us, are NOT artists. They're disposable, temporary icons of the tween set; nice enough voices and enough star quality to make for good ratings, and naive enough to be run through the corporate machine and spit out into obscurity.

I don't even know why this topic was mentioned, other than for JR to plug his blog (which I'll probably never visit after finding out the content. No offense.) It's as relevant as discussing creationism in science class.

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

Stop taking it so seriously, is it really worth it to get that worked up about it?

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

How's this:

American Idol is a fucking joke. lol


It's just an irrelevant topic. Again, no offense to JR... it's good fodder for the water cooler. The problem is that Idol is almost anti-music, you know what I mean? It's the type of thing that, for people who give a shit about good music (as all of us do), it's something so far beyond giving a shit about.

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

I think it's a pretty fun show. Yeah, it's glorified karaoke, but I've always enjoyed watching karaoke, but on Idol they aren't there in person so you can comment out loud about how terrible they are! One thing about Idol though- A Tivo/DVR is a must have. I would never watch it if I wasn't able to skip through most of it especially results shows. I didn't start watching until I got my DVR and I stopped watching when I didn't have one for awhile.

I just don't get the argument that it's bad for music. Nobody is calling it high art and if it didn't exist it's not like the people who don't listen to good music now are going to start listening.

Re: American Idol- Season 8 Winner

Gimme Dylan, Waits and Oberst over any Idol finalist.

My Nickname For The Show...

long has been Karaoke Idol. And in many cases, it's just that/ There are some here and there who go against the grain a little bit- how they turn out in the post-Idol world, though, depends. Chris Daughtry was a standout on Idol, but in the overall music world, his music's no different than Nickelback.

David Cook showed promise, but his debut was nothing special. I guess if the goal of the show is to find the act with the most commercial appeal, it sometimes does that- his album has sold more than 1 million to date, not too bad in this climate.

Kelly Clarkson's first album wasn't worth much, but her second one was a smash, and yielded some good singles. She has co-written some of the material, far as I know.