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Are you going to a festival this summer?

I'll try to see some shows, but it isn't always easy combining the festival life with the regular life. Work and family does take some time. However, these artists are playing close to me, and I hope to get some time to see some of them..

At Canal Street Jazz and Blues Festival in Arendal:
Randy Brecker & Bill Evans Soulbop Band
Arild Andersen ft Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia

At Norway Rock Festival in Kvinesdal:
Manowar, W.A.S.P., In Flames and Satyricon

And then hopefully my little missus will give me some time to go to Sweden Rock in southern Sweden. Check out this amazing lineup:
Heaven & Hell, In Flames, ZZ Top, Dream Theater, Europe, Foreigner, Motörhead, Lita Ford, Johnny Winter Band, Uriah Heep, Marillion, Flogging Molly, Riot, Voivod and Thor. Probably not for all acclaimedmusicers, but I think this looks nothing short of fantastic.

The big pop and rock festivals around where I live have only released a couple of names. Quart Festival, in my hometown Kristiansand, has only released Slash (what the...?), and Hove, who recently was bought by British festival giants Festival Republic, has released Hockey, Fujiya & Miyagi, Bring Me The Horizon and Metronomy. That lineup sells approx zero tickets in Norway.

That's a whole lot of listing up. What will your hometown festivals serve for you this summer?

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

No names yet for the festivals I plan to go this summer.

I will probably go to Benicassim with friends, whoever artists are there, will be fun anyway...
I mean, who at my age would refuse the invitation of 2 single girls to party during 4 days on a festival in Spanish coasts ?

I usually go to Rock en Seine in Paris too, since it is the nearest big festival for me, and I guess I will go to a british festival with friends who recently moved there... probably not one of the biggest one since they are incredibly expensive.

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

Got a Roskilde Festival ticket for my birthday (somebody must love me a lot). Only major name advertised yet is Coldplay, I think, but it's often the not-so-major names that make for an unforgettable experience anyway.

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

Yes, I'll be going to The Camden Crawl, The Great Escape and Glastonbury!

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

I wish I could go to a festival, but there were two major problems last time I went to a festival (Bonnaroo a few years ago).

1) Impossible to escape the smoking

2) Standing up for ten hours a day for three days in a row, straight up, without moving around, left me with horrible lower back pain.

If there's a festival with seating near the stage and smoking bans, and there's a good enough lineup, I'd consider going. But then there's also the issue that festivals seem to hate coming to New England and I can't afford to increase the cost much. (Half the tours even seem to skip it.)

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

Being that it's in my town, every year I go to Musikfest in good old Bethlehem, PA. It's not your typical indie-and-college rock fest, it's more adult and less hipster-oriented, but it's free, except for the big concerts, that is. I usually see one major act per year, 2 years ago was B.B. King (awesome but rainy) and last year was Earth, Wind & Fire (just awesome). Definitely great times, and I'll be back again. People on the East Coast, or anywhere, go, it's worth it, if only for the free music and our gorgeous downtown.

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

I think I'm going to try to go to one this summer. The problem is, I probably have to drive at least 7 hours to Chicago to go see a good one. Probably Lollapalooza depending on the lineup.

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

I'm headed down to Bonnaroo for my 4 time and also going to make the trip cross country to see Coachella at long last.

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

no smoking?! that's not very rock'n'roll, bill!! maybe you should go to a sissy festival instead!! (kidding)

seriously though, the day i can't smoke in an open-air venue...

anyway, i'm trying to make it down to SXSW next month
and in january i'm gonna try my damnedest to make it to festival au desert...anybody ever been?

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

greg :
even in France you can't smoke in restaurants now.
Well, that's a good thing (even more now that I quit smoking and have kids). But banning smoke in open air places would be a little too much...

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

I'll be going to Sasquatchat the end of May.

A yearly, dearly-loved excursion!

Re: Are you going to a festival this summer?

It's almost sure I will go to Benicassim, but I'm also thinking about going to Airwaves Festival in Iceland, has anybody gone to this one before, looks like lot of fun !