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Our own 100 list

Why can't we make our own 100 list and compile the results and use it on this site.

Henrik would obviously have the final say in who is allowed to enter their list. You could say you would have to be blogging here for over a year or two, to qualify.

You could redue the lists every 5 years if you wanted. I just think our say should be recognized. I think there are alot of people in here with more knowledge in music then some of the writers at the biggest music publications in the world.

What do you think Henrik?

Re: Our own 100 list

It would be fun to make our own lists, but for it to be seriously counted? Nah.

Re: Our own 100 list

I think using music critics' lists only for the official AM list is essential for us to have something to compare our tastes to.

I can't speak for everyone, but I definitely get intrigued when an AM poll list reveals some song and album that goes against the grain of critical opinion. I wouldn't want our unique and quirky tastes to be folded into the critical masses.

Re: Our own 100 list

We already have our top 100 anyway

albums poll

Re: Our own 100 list

^ Yeah, but I'm not a part of that one yet.

Re: Our own 100 list

There is an album poll planned for march 2009 I guess, under the management of Andre

Re: Our own 100 list