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EOY 2008 - MAGIC Magazine

From MAGIC Magazine (one of the main French music publications):

TOP 30 Albums:

1) Vampire Weekend "Vampire Weekend"
2) Portishead "Third"
3) Metronomy "Nights out"
4) Why? "Alopecia"
5) Beach House "Devotion"
6) Sebastien Tellier "Sexuality"
7) MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"
8) The Last Shadow Puppets "The age of the understatement"
9) Spiritualized "Songs in A&E"
10) Tindersticks "The hungry saw"
11) Ladyhawke "Ladyhawke"
12) Black Kids "Partie traumatic"
13) Glass Candy "B/E/A/T/B/O/X" (2007 but got a 2008 release in France)
14) Born Ruffians "Red Yellow & Blue"
15) TV On the Radio "Dear Science"
16) Neon Neon "Stainless style"
17) Beck "Modern guilt"
18) The Charlatans "You cross my path"
19) Pivot "O Soundtrack my heart"
20) Lykke Li "Youth novels"
21) Jeremy Jay " A place where we could go"
22) Silver Jews "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea"
23) Les Shades "Le meutre de Vénus"
24) Black Mountain "In the future"
25) The Teenagers "Reality Check"
26) The Notwist "The devil You+Me"
27) Department of Eagles "In Ear Park"
28) Cut Copy "In ghost colours"
29) Gonzales "Soft power"
30) Thieves like us "Play music"

Top 15 singles:

1) Girls "Lust for life / Morning light "
2) Metronomy "Heartbreaker"
3) Sebastien Tellier "Roche"
4) Hercules & The Love Affair "Blind"
5) Desmond & The Tutus "Kiss you on the cheek"
6) Born Ruffians "Red yellow and blue"
7) Black Kids "Im not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you"
8) DJ Mujava "Township funk"
9) MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"
10) Mystery Jets "Two doors down"
11) Amadou & Mariam "Sabali"
12) The Notwist "Boneless"
13) Koko Von Napoo "Polly / Agent Blady"
14) British Sea Power "Waving flags"
15) Animal Collective "Water curses"

Re: EOY 2008 - MAGIC Magazine

Thanks BriceC!

I suppose the MGMT single should be something else than "Oracular Spectacular" (which is the album)?

Re: EOY 2008 - MAGIC Magazine

True. It's a typo from the magazine.

Looking at the writers' individual lists, there are mentions for both MGMTs "Kids" & "Time to pretend", but "Time to pretend" gets nominated more times, so I suggest putting "Time to pretend" at #9.

Re: EOY 2008 - MAGIC Magazine

Yeah! The first list to have Vampire Weekend at #1! I think this was the only one out of the most acclaimed albums that hadn't received a first position yet!

Re: EOY 2008 - MAGIC Magazine

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