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Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

Revolver has the world music of "Love You To" and the classical influences of "For No One" and "Eleanor Rigby". "Tomorrow Never Knows" an early Psych/Art Rock song based harmonically on Indian music and using classical avant influences.

Sgt Pepper is designed as one long song cycle with the very proggish "Sgt Pepper Reprise/A Day in the Life" and the extended Psych/World Music of "Within You Without You" is cool and unique for rock music.

I never understood why "Sgt Pepper" is rated the greatest Beatles album. I understand the Beatles were merging rock with Indian Music/Avant Music. They already did this on "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Strawberry Fields Forever". I think the songs on Revolver are just as good.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

This question has been done to death in so many forums, but the consensus remains halved (from what I've seen), so it's worth it. I will always, always say Revolver. However, my favorite by them is the White Album.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

Sean Pak this thread is in part is an answer to your Piero Scaruffi thread. I think the Beatles went away beyond their original origins of skiffle and rock and roll. Some songs add a new dimension to pop music and rock music. "Love You To" is an authentic use of non-western form in style, instrumentation and rhythm. This is no "Eight Miles High" or "Norwegian Wood". The Beatles certainly were using avant influences on "Tomorrow Never Knows". “Eleanor Rigby", "For No One" and "She Said She Said" are not your basic blues based music either. I am not saying the Beatles were the only band experimenting. The Beatles wrapped it around melody driven music and a sense of harmony. I recommend you read this book
The Dawn of Indian Music in the West, Author: Lavezzoli, Peter

The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, The Byrds Younger than Yesterday have no songs over four minutes. Pink Floyd debut album has only song over five minutes. Sgt Pepper has two over five minutes. I never understood why Scaruffi who has no actual knowledge of music theory would call the Beatles simple pop ditties or the Beatles were still writing three minute songs. When the Beatles were musically much more complicated than the Velvet Underground or the Rolling Stones. I basically could refute everything Scaruffi said on the Beatles.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

This is tough, but I go with Revolver in a slight edge. Both are still exceptional, though, and you'd be hard-pressed to find flaws with either. But I think Revolver expanded the pop music world more. Take the tape loops on "Tomorrow Never Knows," the ragas of "Love You To," the backwards guitar on "I'm Only Sleeping," all of which had never been done before in pop. The songs are also exceptional, take for example "Eleanor Rigby," "Here, There, and Everywhere," and "Got to Get you Into my Life." Pepper has great songs as well, but I think the title and reprise are clunkers (more so than Yellow Submarine). A Day in the life is great, though.

My favorite is still Rubber Soul.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

I've got to go with Revolver. I think it has the better songs, is more consistent, and has the best song the Beatles ever make (the transcendent "For No One"). Of course, my favorite Beatles album is neither, but is Abbey Road (since everyone loves a different album by them most).

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

Revolver. No contest.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

I know what the fuzz is about, but I think its being made towards the wrong album. I think Abby Road speaks clearly towards what the beatles were all about and wanted to accomplish. It has the the concept feel of sgt peppers, and the song to song strenght of rubber soul. Its the beatles at there best in the recording studio. All member s are in fullest form.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

I have to agree with Kevin on Abbey Road. It has the concept form of Sgt Pepper with the songwriting of Rubber Soul and Revolver. Revovler and Sgt Pepper are albums with strong influence in classical forms of Indian, Avant, Baroque with pop music. The Beatles vocal harmonies and melodies not to be corny are stunning on songs on "Because" and "Sun King".

To be true to the thread. I will go with Sgt Pepper for tracks like "A Day in the Life" and "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds".

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

I'd say it's almost a wash.

Last time I made an all time list like a year ago I had:

#39: Sgt Pepper
#40: Revolver

Revolver probably has the one or two best songs between the two, but Sgt Pepper makes up for it with the overall more progressive tone and slightly greater consistency.

Revolver has the poetic Eleanor Rigby and trippy Tomorrow Never Knows, but it also has the kiddy Yellow Submarine and sugary Good Day Sunshine and otherwise a very poppy feel.

Sgt Pepper has a broader sound that shakes off the last remnants of the mop-head 'commercial personalities' period, and has a consistent tone of liberation from convention and transcendence of the every day rut.

That's why I gave the slight edge to Sgt Pepper, but really I could go either way on any given day.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

I just had a thoughtful response written out, but when I posted it I got an error message, then hit back and my text was gone. So I'll be brief.

Last time I did an all time list I had Sgt Pepper at #39 and Revolver at #40.

I could go either way on any given day. Revolver has the best one or two songs between the two, but has the overall more poppy feel and a few songs that gravitate my finger toward the skip button.

Sgt Pepper has that overall more progressive feel and the tone of 'transcendence of the every day rut'. Which is why, as a full album, I would give it the slight edge.

But I put Abbey Road at #15.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

I agree with the person who stated that "Revovler" is better than "Sgt Pepper" but the "White Album" is their best. I think "Sgt Pepper" might be my least favorite album. Lot of filler and George Harrison's song is pretty bad. I guess if you removed a couple of the worst offenders and added Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane you would have a decent album.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

How did two slightly different 'abridged' versions of my post get through? When the second one stalled out it must have actually went through, even though when I then loaded the topic it wasn't there.

These message boards can get buggy when your connection is slow.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

atomic, it's funny that one of your complaints about Sgt. Pepper was all the "filler." And yet you think the White Album is their best.

Personally, the White Album is my favorite partly because of all the filler.

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

REVOLVER by far.

No Sgt. Pepper reprise or flimsy "concept". No "Within You Without You". Except for "Dr. Robert" no cuts I skip ever.

WHITE ALBUM falls far below either of those 2 because of all the filler cuts. ("Revolution 9","Savoy Truffle","Good Night","Wild Honey Pie" to name a few..)

Re: Revolver or Sgt Pepper?

"Savoy shuffle" and "Good night" as fillers... Are you serious ?