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EOY-List INTRO Germany


01. MGMT ´Oracular Spectacular´
02. Santogold ´Santogold´
03. Hot Chip ´Made In The Dark´
04. The Notwist ´The Devil, You & Me´
05. Vampire Weekend ´Vampire Weekend´
06. Hercules And Love Affair ´Hercules And Love Affair´
07. Fleet Foxes ´Fleet Foxes´
08. Why? ´Alopecia´
09. Foals ´Antidotes´
10. Peter Licht ´Melancholie Und Gesellschaft´
11. TV On The Radio ´Dear Science´
12. Kings Of Leon ´Only By The Night´
13. Portishead ´Third´
14. Get Well Soon ´Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon´
15. Death Cab For Cutie ´Narrow Stairs´
16. Bloc Party ´Intimacy´
17. Bon Iver ´For Emma, Forever Ago´
18. Late Of The Pier ´Fantasy Black Channel´
19. Mogwai ´The Hawk Is Howling´
20. Sigur Ros ´Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust´
21. The Streets ´Everything Is Borrowed´
22. Lykke Li ´Youth Novel´
23. Beck ´Modern Guilt´
24. Black Kids ´Partie Traumatic´
25. Bonnie ´Prince´ Billy ´Lie Down In The Light´
26. MIT `Coda´
27. Blood Red Shoes ´Box Of Secrets´
28. Friendly Fires ´Friendly Fires´
29. Hellsongs ´Hymns In The Key Of 666´
30. Morgan Geist ´Double Night Time´
31. Metronomy ´Nights Out´
32. The Last Shadow Puppets ´The Age Of Understatement´
33. Max Müller ´Die Nostalgie Ist Auch Nicht Mehr Das ...´
34. The Ting Tings ´We Started Nothing´
35. Kelley Polar ´I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling´
36. Sebastien Tellier ´Sexuality´
37. Tegan and Sara ´The Con´
38. Jamie Lidell ´Jim´
39. CSS ´Donkey´
40. Coldplay ´Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends´
41. Silver Jews ´Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea´
42. Deichkind ´Arbeit Nervt´
43. Tomte ´Heureka´
44. Yo! Majesty ´Futuristically Speaking ... Never Be Afraid´
45. Herman Dune ´Next Year In Zion´
46. Metallica ´Death Magnetic´
47. Pivot ´O Soundtrack My Heart´
48. Rummelsnuff ´Halt Durch!´
49. Madonna ´Hard Candy´
50. Peter Fox ´Stadtaffe´


01. Hercules And Love Affair ´Blind´
02. Santogold ´L.E.S. Artistes´
03. MGMT ´Kids´
04. MGMT ´Time To Pretend´
05. Hot Chip ´Ready For The Floor´
06. Estelle feat.Kanye West ´American Boy´
07. Polarkreis 18 ´Allein, Allein´
08. MGMT ´Electric Feel´
09. Black Kids ´I´m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend ...´
10. Snoop Dogg feat. Robyn ´Sensual Seduction´
11. Deichkind ´Arbeit Nervt´
12. The Notwist ´Boneless´
13. The Ting Tings ´Great DJ´
14. Hot Chip ´One Pure Thought´
15. The Streets ´Everything Is Borrowed´
16. Kings Of Leon ´Sex On Fire´
17. Bon Iver ´Skinny Love´
18. Holy Ghost! ´Hold On´
19. Morgan Geist ´Detroit´(Carl Craig Remix)
20. Santogold ´You´ll Find A Way´
21. Why? ´The Hollows´
22. Operator Please ´Just A Song About Ping Pong´
23. Lykke Li ´I´m Good, I´m Gone´
24. Santogold ´Say Aha´
25. Lützenkirchen ´3 Tage Wach´
26. The Notwist ´Good Lies´
27. Sigur Ros ´Gobbledigook´
28. Dillon ´Cotact Us´
29. The Faint ´The Geeks Were Right´
30. Blood Red Shoes ´I Wish I Was Someone Better´
31. Foals ´Balloons´
32. Crystal Castles ´Untrust Us´
33. Metronomy ´Heartbreaker´
34. The Walkmen ´In The New Year´
35. Get Well Soon ´If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting´
36. Get Well Soon ´You/Aurora/You/Seaside´
37. Ladyhawke ´Paris Is Burning´
38. Yeasayer ´Wait For The Summer´
39. Munk ´Live Fast! Die Old!´
40. Coldplay ´Viva La Vida´
41. Hercules And Love Affair ´Time Will´
42. Calvin Harris ´Acceptable In The 80s´
43. Kate Perry ´I Kissed A Girl´
44. The Whitest Boy Alive ´Golden Cage´(Fred Falke Remix)
45. CCS ´Left Behind´
46. Bloc Party ´Mercury´
47. The Futureheads ´The Beginning Of The Twist´
48. Rummelsnuff ´Halt Durch!´
49. The Ting Tings ´That´s Not My Name´
50. Mogwai ´Batcat´