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Satin In A Coffin (Best Albums of 2008)


01. The Hold Steady, Stay Positive
02. TV on the Radio, Dear Science
03. The Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride
04. Fucked Up, The Chemistry of Common Life
05. No Age, Nouns
06. The Dutchess & The Duke, She's the Dutchess...
07. Titus Andronicus, The Airing of Grievances
08. Hercules and Love Affair (self-titled)
09. Deerhunter, Microcastle
10. Atlas Sound, Let the Blind...
11. French Kicks, Swimming
12. Jay Reatard, Singles 06-08
13. Santogold (self-titled)
14. Crystal Castles (self-titled)
15. Girl Talk, Feed the Animals
16. Cat Power, Juke Box
17. Fleet Foxes (self-titled)
18. Health, Health//Disco
19. Lil' Wayne, Tha Carter III
20. Times New Viking, Rip It Off
21. Wolf Parade, At Mount Zoomer
22. Man Man, Rabbit Habits
23. Feral Children, Second to the Last Frontier
24. Beach House, Devotion
25. Sigur Ros, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
26. Destroyer, Trouble in Dreams
27. Xiu Xiu, Women As Lovers
28. Dodos, The Visiter
29. The Walkmen, You & Me
30. Hot Chip, Made in the Dark
31. M83, Saturdays=Youth
32. Magnetic Fields, Distortion
33. Bauhaus, Go Away White
34. Blood on the Wall, Liferz
35. Vampire Weekend (self-titled)
36. The Faint, Fasciination
37. Why?, Alopecia
38. CSS, Donkey
39. Cut/Copy, In Ghost Colours
40. Bloc Party, Intimacy
41. Stephen Malkmus//Jicks, Real Emotional Trash
42. Los Campesinos!, Hold On Now Youngster

Re: Satin In A Coffin (Best Albums of 2008)

I think this might be somebody's personal music blog. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it probably isn't eligible to be added.

Re: Satin In A Coffin (Best Albums of 2008)

oh ok. yea, i wasn't sure about it, but i thought i'd post it anyway.

surprising and awesome to see Xiu Xiu, Blood On The Wall and Stephen Malkmus on the list, and I love the Panda Bear-Person Pitch background on the home page.