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Pastemagazine to 50 albums


A very good list. I like there number 1 choice. An Album that has grown on me since day one. A very elegant and happy record for a year that has produced fairly grevious sounds

Re: Pastemagazine to 50 albums

I like their choice for #1. She & Him will be also in my personal top 10.

Re: Pastemagazine to 50 albums

I like the list for inclusions, but dislike it for order.

For instance, having Lucinda Williams so high when I wouldn't even put it in her top five albums. There's in general a lot of high up entries that are weak albums by artists who have previously released great albums. Okkervil River, Of Montreal, etc. Their top 20 contains almost my entire 'All-Disappointment Team'

I do not understand Girl Talk's popularity. It comes off as pure cut n paste techno, and the samples are way too recognizable.

Plus, putting Santogold/Diplo - Top Ranking over Santogold's own album is really odd to me. A lot of the tracks on it have more novelty value than musical.

As far as inclusions go though, it's a great list. The only real head-scratching exclusion is Portishead. Methinks the editor has an agenda.

Re: Pastemagazine to 50 albums

Interesting list with a lot of North American stuff ...

Re: Pastemagazine to 50 albums

Fine list, but couldn't they wait until 808s and Day & Age come out?

Re: Pastemagazine to 50 albums

Thanks Kevin!

My Excel sheet for the preliminary AM ranking of albums from 2008 is already online. A link can be found from the AM homepage.