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"Carnival of Light" being released.

The Beatles 14 minute unreleased avant collage might be released soon. What do you think about this news?

Re: "Carnival of Light" being released.

As a big fan of "Revolution 9", as well as the Sgt. Pepper period of Beatle history, I've been looking forward to hearing it for many years.

I wonder if it will be released as a stand-alone track, or as part of some new compilation album. If the latter, I wonder if a "1967" album would be a good idea.

Re: "Carnival of Light" being released.

I've heard a couple people trying to cover it from sheet music and from those it doesn't sound like something I'd be too interested in... and if George thought it was too avant-garde I don't know if it will be any good. That seems like a nice way of saying it sucks coming from George.

Re: "Carnival of Light" being released.

From all I've heard and read about it, it sounds about as godawful as can well be imagined. Not to be harsh, but I doubt Paul would even be suggesting this if John or George was still around.

Re: "Carnival of Light" being released.

My expectations aren't very high but I'll withhold judgment till I hear it.

Re: "Carnival of Light" being released.

You'd think if it was any good at all it would have been released on Anthology 3 which was the only anthology set that didn't have a brand new song on it.

Re: "Carnival of Light" being released.

Not necessarily. It could be just so far out of sync with the rest of the Beatles catalog the producer felt it'd be out of sync on the album.

Keep in mind that a lot of stuff that sounds just like normal indie now would have sounded super-progressive in 1967. Just because it was too avant garde for a rock band in the 60s whose label didn't want to alienate mainstream audiences any further doesn't mean it was just a bunch of inaccessible noises and samples like Revolution 9.

Even if it does suck though, I still think it should be released. Because I think it should be consumers rather than the labels who decide which music is worth listening to.

(Along the same line I'm still debating whether I'm willing to let Guns N Roses dictate to me what store I buy their new record at. It'll probably depend on whether they charge FYE prices or Newbury Comics prices.)