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Talking about input/output macros...

If I have a list of links in a spreadsheet (like the Allmusic links), would it be possible to create a macro so that you can get info about the web pages in the next column? For example, from a list of metacritic links, I'd like to know which pages that include the string "All Music Guide".

I guess this is difficult, but it would be awesome if it worked!

Re: Talking about input/output macros...

Henrik, I don't completely understand your example with the metacritic links. Do you have the metacritic links only, meaning the macro should search and retrieve the review pages on the internet, or do you have the review pages already copied as text in the spreadsheet?

If already in the spreadsheet, and assuming that to be in an Excel column, it is possible to scan through that column and filter out those texts that contain the AMG string. Do you want me to post the VB code here, or by e-mail?

Re: Talking about input/output macros...

Andre, I meant that the macro should search and retrieve the review pages on the internet. Wouldn't it be A LOT of information in every cell if the whole content was copied?

Manual content copying wouldn't be a lot of fun either, but how about a macro that first retrieve the content from a given web address and put it into the spreadsheet, and then a search is done from that cell?

Re: Talking about input/output macros...

Yes, thought so that you meant the more difficult part. And yes, that is a lot of information to store in the spreadsheet.

So, the second part (filtering the AMG part out of the webpage contents) can be done easily, need to investigate the first part. Will let you know as soon as I have something working.

Re: Talking about input/output macros...

Henrik, I've just sent you an Excel file with all the AMG reviews available in metacritic (using the macro that I'd sent you yesterday). Besides the reviews it also lists the AMG score and, if available, a link to the AMG album page.