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what really annoys me

i realise that expecting to find hordes of people who love and understand music on the same level as me is simply too much to ask for, but what really gets to me is those people who claim to love music, know very little about it, and have so little respect for my taste that they don't even take my recommendations seriously. i'm talking about people who have never even heard of "pet sounds", people who can't name two beatles albums, people who listen to on genre exclusively and don't like some of the best bands to play it.

does anyone else know what i'm talking about? maybe it's just because i'm relatively young. young people, including me, are like that. i know i shouldn't let it get to me... it can be fun to complain though

Re: what really annoys me

You don't have to be so militant about it.

Re: what really annoys me

vocoders in today's pop music really annoy me. Any moron can make music thanks to the vocoder. It used to be so cutting edge in the 60s and 70s all the way to Daft Punk in the 90s.

Re: what really annoys me

Moeboid, reading between the lines of your post, I'm guessing you're frustrated with people with very little historical sense, whose knowledge of music goes back only ten or fifteen years.

I find that frustrating as well; I used to teach a course in the history of mass media, and had to cope with students whose idea of an "old movie" was Pulp Fiction (and this was in 2001, mind you).

But it's probably inevitable. It's in the nature of popular art that it's ephemeral, that the spotlight tends to be on this year's model (rather than This Year's Model). Pace sciaruffi.

Re: what really annoys me

Well, you just described me when I was 16.

Anyone who seriously enjoys music and isn't just listening to what their friends are listening to because it's what's cool at the moment is going to eventually go back and discover all the greats, and is going to eventually look farther than the stuff that gets played on the radio.

When all you've heard is mainstream, you apply the heuristic that anything worth hearing you probably would have heard of by now. Especially when you're younger.

Re: what really annoys me

At least you've mentioned that your girlfriend has decent taste in music - I've never found a single person that knows jack shit

Re: what really annoys me

yes, my girlfriend has great taste, and i'm very thankful

nah, i'm not talking about people who don't know anything back further than 15 years. i'm talking about people who hardly know anything at all, and still think that they have the right to say that they love music. i don't try to put them in their place or anything; i'm not that stupid. if anything, i offer recommendations, but for some reason they come to the conclusion that i'm not worth learning from.

Re: what really annoys me

I have a really good friend who I had to work hard to convince there was any good music recorded *less* than thirty years ago. (A 24 year old).

He used to be only into classical and jazz, I got him interested in rock through some pop/rock I now consider mediocre, which caused him to go discover the Beatles and their contemporaries. Then a combination of him and my father got me to check out them, and then when I'd heard the cream of the crop from 1965-1975, I discovered how much better unknown new music is than known new music, and got him into it.

Re: what really annoys me

Why can't someone just love music without having the same taste as you? You can't go around being pissed at people for not having the same taste in the bands you like. People's taste change with time. I'm still learning about music as I'm sure most people are. You can't give someone a list of bands that people HAVE to listen to and say if they don't they're ignorant and no nothing about music. That makes you sound like one of those knowitall college kids who discover Elvis Costello and think they know the entire story of every genre of music ever made. People into jazz and classical don't force their favorite musicians down everyone's throat. It takes a really good musical sense to be able to name all the greats in jazz and classical or even bands from the early 1900s which I know some people actually do listen to. Henry Rollins has his own show here in LA and he plays them all the time and the kids who grew up listening to his music love the stuff he plays. He's a punk rocker into early 1900s protest music. He wouldn't look down on us for not being able to name the musicians he likes. We're all still learning here. We can't all tell people what's good just because Pitchfork liked it.

Re: what really annoys me

tim, you've got it all wrong! i'm the complete opposite of the person who you described and that's the whole problem. i'm not "loud" about my taste in music and because of that, people just think that music is a passing interest for me. i'm not pushing my taste in music down peoples throats; i'm recommending things that people would like if they gave it half a chance. but they don't give it a chance, because it's me recommending it to them and not henry rollins. i hope that's a little clearer now?