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Does anyone here enjoy hi-fi?

most of the time i listen to music on a horrible little stereo from a local department store. good music doesn't really require anything special to make it sound good. in fact, sometimes good music is badly recorded and a great system will expose the flaws in the recording and make it sound kinda bad. sometimes, however, it's fun to play music up really loud on a good system, and since i used to work for a manufacturer of some pretty serious loudspeakers, i could get them pretty cheap ;)

so is anyone here particularly interested in hi-fi? how do your favorite albums sound on a good system? do you enjoy music more on a good system? could you recommend any (acclaimed, hopefully) recordings that sound particularly good?

what i think sounds particularly good is the cowboy junkies - the trinity session. everyone knows the story behind how it was recorded, and it's certainly interesting to hear it clearly.

i only own remasters of most of my favorite albums. i don't know what they sounded like originally, but the remasters are usually pretty good.

Re: Does anyone here enjoy hi-fi?


Re: Does anyone here enjoy hi-fi?

I've spent the past five years building and upgrading my movie system, and the past year putting together a good vinyl setup. One thing I've never paid money for is a good CD player. In my own home it's important to get the full experience of the music but I don't care too much outside of home.

Re: Does anyone here enjoy hi-fi?

Moeboid, I do appreciate some good quality sound system once in a while, yes. At work I seldomly have the chance to listen to some music, but if I have, the quality of the laptop loudspeakers is quite horrible.

And listening to music in the car is sometimes like listening to Jesus & the Mary Chain, where the car noise on the background simulates the 'vacuum cleaner' sound of them.

So, the stereo at home is a more welcome alternative.

Re: Does anyone here enjoy hi-fi?

My vinyl setup I gave away some years ago and do still miss it once in a while.

But there is a cupboard filled with cassette tapes, most of them collecting dust. Once you're used to CD's and mp3's, those tapes really start to sound prehistoric.

Another option would be to walk around with an IPod, but somehow that never got on my buying list.

Re: Does anyone here enjoy hi-fi?

apparently cassettes can sound quite good if you take care of them! i've never even tried to make a cassette sound good, but that's what i've heard.

my car isn't the best place to fully appreciate music either. my car is old and has one of those horrible modified exhausts that is incredibly loud. i haven't attempted to put some decent speakers in it either. however, this is usually where i hear music for the first time. i don't know why, but that's how i like to do it.

here are the speakers that i used to build by the way:


duntech is the professional brand and they are found in mastering studios around the world. orpheus is the consumer brand.

so has anyone listened to the trinity session on a good stereo yet? i'm keen to hear what you all think of it.

Re: Does anyone here enjoy hi-fi?

I usually listen to new music in my car as well or right before I go to sleep.

I have a pair of Utah speakers which were Radio Shack's premier brand in the early 70's. That sounds bad but there are a lot of people who swear by them and they have amazing clarity when it comes to the high ends and midrange. They lack any low end punch though so you need to have a subwoofer... My headphones are used for studio monitor at the radio station I work at and they are the same way. They're Sony MDR-V6's and while they provide amazing clarity, again the bass is practically non-existent. I need to get an equalizer someday for those. My record player is a Technics SL1200 MK-II with a Shure M97 xE cartridge on it going through a crap preamp (which I hope Christmas will upgrade ) into a Harmon Kardon AVR-254 Receiver. I'm looking forward to getting a new preamp because I think I'll be set once that's hooked up. Maybe not though, one great thing about turntables is they are forever customizable and they become a hobby as well as the best way to listen to music!