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Albums of the 00s

Who do you think is capible of making the best album of the 00s? I say the Go Team's next record will get the best reviews of any album to come out of the 00s. Their debut's flaw was it was too short. There were mostly instrumentals. I think if they had a longer record with more vocals they will have dethrown the Strokes for album of the 00s. Artic Monkey's will put out a phenominal album by 08 or 09 that will live up to the hype they're recieving. Those are my predictions.

Re: Albums of the 00s

i really like thunder lightning strike though...

the power is on is a really awesome song especially

Re: Albums of the 00s

Hmm...I've only heard a couple songs of the Go! Team album, and I liked them. But I'm not sure they're capable of dethrowning The Strokes. Their music will always be to niche-y and esoteric I think. I don't think The Strokes are capable of topping Is This It either. Who can say? Who would've thought that Radiohead would turn out to be Radiohead after listening to Pablo Honey. I think the next great album will be a debut.

Re: Albums of the 00s

I think we haven't heard the last of the Vines or BRMC. Them along with the Glitterati may shock us all.

Re: Albums of the 00s

The Vines first album is pretty good, I'm interested to hear what their next one will be like, is there one out this year?

Re: Albums of the 00s

The new song is awesome. I think the Donnas or at least one of them is either going top all year end lists or become superstars. I think Starsailor has potential and Goldfrapp will come out with one of the decades best dance records. The Music had lots of hype but they will release some better records as will Rooney and the Subways.

Re: Albums of the 00s

I've been pondering this question and it's a good one because of how pop culture is sorted into decades and there are desires to look for singular movies, books, TV shows, albums, that are 'defining statements' of that period.

The Go Team's first record oozes with potential. It depends if the organizer of that band has enough ideas beyond the nicheyness of Thunder Lightning Strike. If they put out an album twice as long with some more vocals and textures, it could approach an 'Odelay of the 00s' territory.

I bought the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell kind of late in the game a few weeks ago (it came out in 2003). Their recent new song I heard didn't bowl me over, but I think the end of Fever To Tell signaled a small rowdy band that could make a very dramatic musical statement.

I have not got on board and bought Arcade Fire's Funeral, but they have such a dramatic clarity in their music... their next statement could have mass critical appeal, and by a combination of hype and pure talent be universally accepted as one of those 'great bands', like U2 or Radiohead before them.

Re: Albums of the 00s

The decade's just about over, really. I doubt, realistically, if anything in the next three and a half years will top Kid A.

That said:

The Strokes have been going strong for three albums, as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't put an out-and-out masterpiece out of their reach, necessarily.

Pete Doherty's been going from strength to strength between The Libertines and Babyshambles. Another outfit or two, and who knows?

Bright Eyes has been absolutely astounding - both Lifted and I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning have been among the decade's best already - if he continues to grow he could be unstoppable.

Franz Ferdinand's second album may have been a slight falter, but their determination to knock out an album a year could bode well for making some magic.

Eminem's already dropped two of the decade's finest between The Marshall Mathers LP and Encore... if rumours of his retirement prove to have been exaggerated, we might just end up with a rap album proving the peak of the decade.

And if they don't? Maybe Kanye West can pick up the pieces.

...Underdogs though they may be, I wouldn't want to count out Travis either, after they stunned me with their last album, 12 Memories.