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the chills

has anyone heard of the chills? i actually kind of doubt it but they're this really good somewhat punky band for the 80's. they're very good, and i suggest to anyone who hasnt ever heard them to check em out. your best choice to listen to would be an album called kaleidoscope world. but, good luck finding it. i mean, it isnt really all that hard to find i guess, but you'll never get it cheap. they're always going for atleast 50 bucks each. its tough to get a hold of one. i have a burnt copy of it, which im happy with just at that. but its really fantastic, and i strongly recommend it to everyone, quaranteeing you will enjoy it. good luck.

Re: the chills

I have Kaleidoscope World, Submarine Bells and Soft Bomb. I think Kaleidoscope is a mostly decent compilation, Soft Bomb is maddeningly inconsistent, and Submarine Bells is flat out great, loaded to the gills with wonderful melodies and genuinely clever lyrics. I think it would be a great find for anyone who harbors a liking for late-eighties/early nineties alterna-pop.

Re: the chills

Submarine Bells actually got good enough reviews to make for #15 on Village Voice's Pazz and Jop poll. I said this before and I'll say it again: If the Chills were British their records would have topped ever British critic's poll the years they came out and sold millions of copies. Actually they sold quite a few records but they're out of print here in the States.

Re: the chills

you're totally right Tim