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you guys (if by some chance the person reading this has some sort of connection with this site) should start a 2006 list. There already is a great selection of new releases. The new Belle and Sebastian record for instance, or the new Brazilian Revolution in Sound SOul Jazz LP. And by the way, that brings me to my next point, you guys dont tend to list Soul Jazz LP's anywhere. They're fucking great! Get tuned in, jesus.

Re: 2006

This website compiles critics lists- nothing more, nothing less. The fact that soul music isn't as well represented is due to critics, not Henrik, who runs this site.

I'm sure albums from 2006 will be working their way into the list with the next update!

Re: 2006

no dude, its not even soul music. that's just the name of the label. some of it, yes, may be soul music, but even then, ur wrong because there is soul music rated on this site. soul jazz is just the label. you guys should check out some of the compilations. soul jazz is just compilation records. and they're PERFECT. everything they release is really great. especially the new Brazilian Revolution in Sound record. and OMFG, if you guys arent fans of fucking Tropicalia stuff, like Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Os Mutantes, you guys have no IDEA what ur missing.

Re: Soul Jazz

Sorry to disappoint you, but if Soul Jazz only puts out compilation records then none of their product will appear on this list. AM only compiles data for "albums-made-as-albums". There are anthologies (like Madonna's IMMACULATE COLLECTION or the Buzzcocks' SINGLES GOING STEADY) that show up occasionally on the kinds of critics' all-time lists that Henrik collects, but the decision not to include them in the database is pretty well set in stone and it's probably a good one.

Re: 2006

Where do those arbitrary label freaks actually come from...!? Any insight in their mission??

Re: 2006

I really dont even listen to much "label compilations" at all, besides Soul Jazz. Cause....those guys kick total ace. And also, Im not so sure these critics know what the fuck they're doing, because most of the time, the albums in the top 5 of each year and all, nobody could really give a shit about. Sorry, but its the truth. Hate to put you guys down.

Re: 2006

Hate to put you guys down.

Dunno how you can be putting us down, as the intent of the site is to combine major, published critics lists from around the world into a compiled list, in as objective a way as possible. Any music fan will find things they agree with strongly and things they disgree with strongly. But nobody's own personal list is factored into the lists in any way.

And yes, Tropicalia is fantastic!