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Amul Dairy Centre Details Company Info Head Office

Amul Dairy Center is an indian milk and dairy product delivery organization. The organization was established in 1946. It has its parent office in Anand, Gujarat, India as its administrative center. Amul Limited is the largest milk-manufactured goods organization in India. It is one of the famous names for giving milk administration in India. Amul Ltd. Amul offers milk, cheddar, ice cream, paneer, curd and ghee, and many more milk products. Below, you can check a wide range of contact details of Amul India Organization.

Amul Limited Organization Profile:

Full Name of Organization: Amul Restricted, Type: Public and Subsidiary Society, Industry: Dairy and Quick Buyer Mahan (FMCG), Year Established: 1946, Pioneer: Tribhuvandas Patel and Varghese Kurien, Central Command: Anand, Gujarat, India, Key Person: Rupinder Singh Sodhi (MD), Parent Organization: NA, Assistant: NA

What capacity does it require:

Amul parlors, or select Amul outlets, sell Amul-wandering items. The power source should have been spread over a locale of more than 100 to 300 square feet. According to the Amul site, power sources can design "commercial areas, major educational foundations, working environments, rail course stations, transportation stations, major aligned gardens, and so forth where there are high footfalls". The shop can be taken on lease by the claimant of the Amul establishment. The cost of interiors and accessories is borne by the franchisee, or by the retailer applying for an Amul franchise.


The retail edge leads with one thing in any case. Amul has shown an increase of 2.5 percent on pocket milk, 10% on all items, 20% on frozen yogurt, and almost half on recipe-based items, for example, frozen yogurt scoops, parfaits, warm pizzas, cut sandwiches, and cheddar burgers. As shown on the Association's site, the Franchise is not required to confer any power or offer any compensation to Amul. The franchisee can expect a turnover of 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs in a month depending upon the area of the parlor as mentioned by Amul.


2 lakh rupees have to be spent for amul Milk Office outlet, rail line parlor or corner. This gets included in a non-refundable brand protection level of 25,000 and a retest cost of 1 lakh in light of everything, as shown by the Amul site. There is a requirement of 6 lakhs for the frozen curd scooping parlors. As per the affiliation, the recurring costs, for example, set-up expenses, electricity charges, and shop rent are borne by the franchisee from the net retail gain profit.