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Tallest Musicians

Who are the tallest musicians?

Shaquille O'Neill 7'1" - nah,just kidding
Krist Novoselic 6'7"
Joey Ramone 6'6"
Thurston Moore 6'6"
Fish 6'5"
Mick Fleetwood 6'5"
Seal 6'4"
Peter Garrett 6'4"
Bruce Hornsby 6'4"
Nick Drake 6'3"
Michael Rutherford 6'3"
John Mayer 6'3"

Re: Tallest Musicians

Josh Homme 6'4"

Re: Tallest Musicians

Kristian Matsson - The tallest man on earth.

On a more serious note, two of the Three Kings were pretty big dudes:
Albert King: 192 cm (and 118 kg)
Freddie King: 198 cm

Let's stop using those silly feet and inches to measure stuff, shall we? We're civilized people, after all.

Re: Tallest Musicians

Bradford Cox from Deerhunter 6'4". But probably he shouldn't count (he suffers from Marfan syndrome just like Joey Ramone).

Re: Tallest Musicians

Wayman Tisdale was 6'9"

Re: Tallest Musicians

Peter Steele from Type O Negative was 6'8. On the lady's side Imogen Heap stands in at 6 feet tall.

Re: Tallest Musicians

Tim E
Imogen Heap stands in at 6 feet tall.

we're still talking about dick sizes, right?
ps: his fingers look pretty small.