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Two Princes

Why is "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors despised so much? I admit, the guitar solo is butchered, but I think it's a fun, energetic song that starts out with a "bang" (big power pop fan here)! It's one of the first songs my son wanted to learn on guitar and it's older than him!

It's Fine...

for radio and such- fun to listen to, whatever- but it's not a great track or anything.

Re: It's Fine...

Oh, I'm not claiming it's top 3000 or any such thing (though I like it better than the honourably-mentioned Little Miss Can't Be Wrong). It's just that I've seen it dismissed so frequently as a horrible song.

Re: It's Fine...

Like a lot of pop songs, it's big and it's dumb. I actually think it kind of works, but given that every pop/rock band on the radio in the nineties sounded like Spin Doctors (I mean, can you really tell them apart from Gin Blossoms?) it's a recipe for critical disaster.

Re: It's Fine...

Reason 1: The lead singer is one of the most annoying figures in music history.

Reason 2: When muffled, one cannot tell it apart from a typical Steve Miller Band song.

I'll have to listen closely the next time I'm confronted with this song for the butchered guitar part...I might like it better then. And the drumming is very good in a drum teacher kinda way.

Re: It's Fine...

It's a good fun track - nothing more,nothing less

Re: It's Fine...

I always thought the singer looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, and while Shaggy could be annoying, I can't stay mad at him.

I loved Steve Miller when I was growing up, so maybe that explains things for me.

Re: Two Princes

It's one of those fun-to-listen to 90s pop-rock songs that are above average but not great. A lot of songs like this are probably better for me because of childhood nostalgia, but there's certainly no reason to hate Two Princes.

Re: Two Princes

Not a bad song, I even played it at my wedding !

I remember going through old hits while making my wedding party playlist, and come across "Two Princes". I had never heard it in years !!
I never listen to the radio that's why I never get tired of acclaimed hits , and in France they don't play many rock hits on mainstream radio anyway.
It just reminded me of the early nineties. I was singing in a rock band at that time, and that kind of stuff was very popular on rock radio stations, and we probably played it for fun at rehearsals.
Remember that time when rock musicians wore shorts, long sleaved tees with lumberjack shirts on top, and everybody had a goatee ?
And I'm a Shaggy fan. He was a geek before the hour.