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AM Survivor: Notice to Immunity Winners

For any player that won an immunity challenge during round 1 or 2 of AM Survivor, the time has come to revive an artist for round 3. To do so, please email me at Listyguy@gmail.com. Here's how many votes of revival each person gets:
Greg - 3
Moonbeam - 6
Billadama – 3
Schwah – 1
Guy – 2
Listyguy – 4
Jackson – 1
Jonathon – 1
Toni – 1

If you have more than 1, you can revive more than 1 artist. Also, you can mention artists you would want to revive if they are eliminated this week.
For example, Moonbeam could say, "Give three votes to Madonna and three to the Cure, but give all six to Prince if he gets voted off this week."

Re: AM Survivor: Notice to Immunity Winners

Oh yeah, one other thing, I forgot to mention, you can only revive artists that made the top 101, so no artists that were eliminated in the loophole round.