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any decent music?


Like metacritic; not as extensive (yet), but a bit easier on the eyes.

(PS. Some glowing reviews for Anaïs Mitchell - Hadestown. Has anyone listened to it?)

Re: any decent music?

I love this website, cause it counts many reviews that Metacritic doesn't, including many british/european papers. Also, they add reviews faster than Metacritic, like MGMT's Congratulations 5 stars review from Mojo that is nowhere to be seen at Metacritic, but it was one of the first to be added on Any Decent Music. It was through this website that i saw the first reviews of Joanna's Have One On Me, which is now their alltime highest rating album. They also have releases that Metacritic doesn't care too much to add. I guess is another good way to find out good music.

Re: any decent music?

Now Anais Mitchell's Hadestown holds the highest. I'm going to listen to that album. I love female singer/songwriters, and she is signed to Ani DiFranco's label, so she saw something on this girl!