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Do You Like Strange & Abnormal Music? WTFMusic.org

Hello Acclaimed Music Citizens!

If you are interested in bizarre and crazy music then check this out:

WTFMusic.org is a community dedicated to the strangest corners of the musical universe! This is a community for the enjoyment, promotion, creation, and discussion of abnormal music. We invite anyone to post their music here, or simply listen, rate and comment on the music in the radio.

LISTENERS - For those who wish to discuss, share their knowledge and discover more about fucked up music of the world:

*Join in on discussions of music that wobbles on the fringe, music that works with twisted creative ideas that sets it apart from other sounds in the world, music that makes you say, "WTF!?"
*Discuss in any way possible about music that will relate to this group.
*Make recommendations on super blitzed out odd sounds and strange music.
*Discover the most fucked up music imaginable.

ARTISTS - For those who wish to share their own abnormal creations:

*Have you ever recorded some tracks that sound so strange that you don't know what to do with them?
*Do you enjoy creating very odd music and/or sounds?
*Do you have field-recordings of alien sounds that are impossible to figure out?
*Have you ever secretly recorded crazy music from unsuspecting lunatics?
*Have you never made any recordings but are intrigued by the idea of intentionally recording weird music/sounds?
*Are you a professional musician who sometimes gets tired of pleasing people with proper music that you wish you could sometimes just go ape-shit and twist the spectrum of aural possibilities?
*Do you make music you feel is normal but when heard by others they laugh uncontrollably and yell out, "WHAT THE FUCK?!"?

Well people, we are here for you!

Upload your very own WTF creations to be shared, rated, discussed, and even collaborated on.