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Re: One bent WM20

I thought I was bad. Knocked of last year. Broke left leg in 6 places and lost finger on right hand. 7 weeks in hospital and just heal from where the bone came out. Can walk short way without a stick. Bike bent but not like yours. Trying to find where. Driver put his hands up to it. Police were brilliant

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Re: One bent WM20

Thanks All kind of you. Ian that sounds pretty brutal but we're both still here huh:)

Tim, not atall & I thank you for the offer. To be fair with having the Harley restored & ready for Normandy, the old 1950 American car, with work drying up for a few months & deciding I need a break for a bit, simply can't justify starting to get parts yet. I suspect it will be into 2025 when I can start pulling the trigger, will certainly be on the hunt & in touch. It's painful parking the idea of getting it back on the road for now but there we go

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