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Re: M20 BSA front mudguard fitting

Apology Ron, 27-5446 just one used on the front stand.
B751 used on the lower rear stays.
As you mention also two used on the front stays connecting to the forks.


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Re: M20 BSA front mudguard fitting

Ron Pier
Barry what section of the parts list is the number 24-7276? Mudguards? I haven't found it yet.

The number for the lower rear stay bolts is actually B751 and the same bolts/sets are used on the fork ends of the front mudguard stays.

ron im not sure which parts list, maybe for early machines, i only got a pic of one page, rear mudguard and fittings, il email it over to you and youl se that bolt at the bottom of the page


Re: M20 BSA front mudguard fitting

27-7276 are the top bolts for the hinged tail piece for the V twin model G14. (1940 civilian parts list) Ron

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