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Re: Cush drive and clutch spring nut

The cush nut has 4 castellation's, the clutch nut has 8. The internal thread sizes are totally different.

Mark I think it would be better to make tools that fit the standard nuts as per Robb's tools. Otherwise how would it be easy to remove the originals (Which might be in a perfectly serviceable condition) To then fit your special nuts? Ron


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Re: Cush drive and clutch spring nut


I should have gone to spec savers 😀 as they say in this part of the world! They're completely different 😳. I don't know how I missed that. I hope the rest of the strip doesn't exhibit the same lack of attention. I suppose I just saw 2 nuts with same castellated appearance; and 6 at that so not standard.

Thanks for comments and look out for the nuts and tools.

Cheers Neil

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