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Re: Clutch Pushrod

Alwyn I bought a new 4 spring clutch (With rubber cush) from Monty's for my BSA/Indian special. I don't remember a ball in the top hat thrust button. I see the earlier clutch pressure plates had a threaded adjuster pin with no ball. Lots of other clutches I've worked on don't have a ball at that end. It's a hardened cup and I just put a spot of grease in it.

You could phone/email Monty or Ace Classics to doubly confirm. Ron


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Re: Clutch Pushrod

Hi Ron,
I was happy to fit the rod without a ball bearing. it's just when I saw a chap on u tube placing a ball bearing in the top hat (thrust button)it made me doubt what I was doing.
Thanks for coming back to me.

Re: Clutch Pushrod

I have a few of the Triumph clutches on my bikes and they don't have a ball bearing in the pressure plate, as Ron states.

I did knock up my own version of the SRM "pusher / bearing" to fit the 4 spring Triumph plate and it worked OK. It is supposed to give a more even lift but I can't say I really noticed any difference to the standard setup though.

here's the SRM one with a "pusher" and a needle roller thrust bearing.


Re: Clutch Pushrod

Extraordinary bike Ron.
Hopefully you dont live in a neighbourhood full of rivet counters....:scream:

Re: Clutch Pushrod

Hi Michel. The nice thing about building a special is, there are no guide lines to follow!:relaxed: Ron


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