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Re: Normandy 2024 - pass now needed for armour!

Liberation Task Force HQ?.....Check with the French government directlly...This crowd have been trying to get control of Normandy with the sanction of the French Government for years. (since at least the 1st D Day motorcycle event)....In my opinion they have/will have a direct detrimental effect on everyones ability to freely travel to Normandy if they are successful.....Ian

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Re: Normandy 2024 - pass now needed for armour!

Preston phoned me the other day about maybe some "combined opps" He remains committed to that Jeremy task force guy. I made no comment on the subject. I'm not running a tour, but even if I was, I'd want no part of it. It was E5 each in previous big years. He must have made E1000's by now??.....What did we get from him????? I did get lots of threats of Police action on the 70th. But nothing came of them. We had nothing but help from fellow motorcycle cops and 3 even rode with us at one stage and they were keen to have a go on our old bikes. Why is it only on the big years anyway? Ron

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