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Re: WANTED: Cable-style front brake plate

Hi Moses, your combination of parts can still be used fine if you run the outer cable up to the stud on the forks. Not original though...

BR Michiel

Re: WANTED: Cable-style front brake plate

Oh boy, originality is not something I’m concerned about. This particular bike went through the wringer in its earlier life. Virtually none of it is original. The frame and motor aren’t matching. I have replaced the seat, fuel tank, oil tank, carburetor, stand, fenders, headlight, all cables, voltage regulator; and there still a ton more that needs attention. Wheels are original, and that’s about it! My 1941 M20 on the other hand……

I suppose I will need to find some sort of a fitting for the outer cable to hold it at that stud; and have a custom cable made. I would rather the front brake plate because….i don’t know why but it sounds good; but if I can’t locate one I’ll find some way to make it work.

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