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Re: Painting the bikes

Rob Miller
I have thought of a way of achieving a genuine wartime finish.


You are not far off there Rob.

In the 50's I was in REME and for the annual inspections we were given gallon tins of paint and 3" brushes and told to get on with it. QL's, Ford 3 tonners, Land Rovers, bikes, all got the treatment.

This was in the days when all your kit, every last item, including tool boxes had to be laid out on the tarmac square for inspection, regardless of the weather!


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Re: Painting the bikes

Straight from delivery is also a 'genuine wartime finish'...It's a view on the 'ex factory' or 'after some sevice debate' that will probably determine what someone prefers but it's not an historical absolute...
I'm always amazed how proponents of an 'in sevice' look seem to think that adds some kind of 'extra credibility' to a machine...I don't get it, they are all wartime production....I'd like a brand new one out of the crate if they were available and I'd add some 'in service' finish later...Ian

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Re: Painting the bikes

Maybe the best finish, is the owners interpretated look?
And as long as they are happy it would be cruel to belittle their efforts.
M20 purple Chopper, I wonder if a local chap still has it? ;)


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