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Re: My WM20 1943 Build

Thanks for your kind words Mark.

Sunday was dry, so no playing with bikes. Bricklaying took priority :(

The front wheel was not much better than the rear, many NOS parts not really fit for purpose and again no felt washers the correct size.
My front hub was the first victim of my modified taper roller bearings. Typical the housing was over size and the outer ring was loose. Fortunately I was able to make an oversize one to take up the slack.
Everything bolted together in the end with the only horror being the outer wheel nuts. Aftermarket ones. Looking good, but not fitting.
I guess I'll make some that fit.

I can't see the brake plates causing trouble, but time will tell. I'll ask my man about bonding the lining on, as if he can it will give a better brake.


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