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Re: Oil spill

Hi, thanks for the fast reply, I had done an oil change to Morris golden film sae 40 a few months earlier with no problems , is this oil suitable for the M20?

Re: Oil spill

That's what I use in all my bikes. Is your oil tank empty? If your bike has wet sumped (leaked past the oil pump) The first and easiest thing to address is the ball and spring behind the hex plug at the bottom of your timing cover.

Take out the ball and spring and clean out the orifice with a small artist brush and or squirt out with WD40. Give the ball a sharp tap with a thin drift to improve the seat in the ally case......Better still buy a new 1/4" ball and spring from Draganfly or Russells.


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Re: Oil spill

Hi, yes it is, I’ll carry out your recommendation and get back to you, good to know I chose well with the oil! Thanks!

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