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Re: Sister has a job interview (Updates)

Hi all,
First off, I would like to thank all those who read my post and pray for my sister. It really means a lot to my sister and I that we have people praying for us.

The job interview she went recently did not work work unfortunately. It was not a job meant for her. She is a bit discouraged but she has a fighting spirit. She will become stronger. So, please continue praying for her. Most importantly her grades. She so needs to get excellent grades to get her transfer approved and be able to graduate. I know she studied so hard this year and God has seen it all and will surely bless her...

Please also pray for my parents' permanent residency for Canada. It has already been 6 years that they have applied and still no answer. Pray that soon they will get good news from the Government. My sister and I are eagerly waiting for my parents to join us in Canada and be re-united as a family.

Thanks for all your prayers
Stay blessed!!!


Re: Sister has a job interview (Updates)

Jenna, I did not know that you and your sister's parents were not living in Canada--that has to be hard. Ofcourse we will continue to pray for all of you. I am most thankful that you and your sister belong to the Lord--what a blessing--He is at hand for whatever and whenever you have a need---and just to talk to!! He has a future for all of you.
"Father, I do bring Jenna and Tracy before You , thanking You that they are together and that You will make a way where there seems to be no way for their parents, that they might be reunited. Lord, Your Word tells us that All things are possible to those that believe. Well, I believe that You are going to make a way for this family to be reunited., Whatever the reason that has held this matter up, I ask that You reveal and do whatever it takes to bring them their citizenship in Canada---and I thank You for it, Father!!! I also thank you for what You have done with and for Tracy since Jenna came to this site for prayer---we just praise You for it. You will finish what You have began!! Give her great favor and let Your peace dwell in her, help her in all exams she has taken and bring her thru to graduation and into Your perfect plan and purpose for her life. Do the same for Jenna and for their parents. Again, I just commit them unto You for the keeping. Give them joy for this journey that they are on--as they are brought thru by Your great power. So be it in Jesus Name!!"---------------in His service, Jean

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